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Stem Cells Clinics Offshore and what Stem Cell Treatments they offer!


These are a few of the diseases that are provided at offshore clinics. One of the best offshore Stem Cells Clinics is World Stem Cells Clinic in Cancun. For more details      http://worldstemcells.com/

 There are no guarantees in medicine.  The understanding of how the human body functions is still not fully understood.  At this time stem cell therapies are not offered as a cure for any disease or a substitute for other forms of care.  One of the most potentially misleading approaches to selling medical procedures is the use of anecdotal evidence or personal experiences, regardless of how miraculous they appear.  The response of a patient is so individual in nature, without scientific study and collection of data, as to be only a sign of a potential, not proof of a treatment’s overall effect.

“Amyotrphic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)”

 “Ankylosing Spondylitis”


 “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”

 “Autoimmune Disorders”

  “Celiac disease”

“Cerebral Palsy”

“Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT)”

 “Crohn’s Disease”

“COPD” “Corneal Disease”


 “Fuchs disease”

 “Guillain Barre”

 “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis”

 “Huntington’s disease”


 “Kidney Diseases”


“Myasthenia Gravis”

“Macular Degeneration”

 “Multiple Sclerosis”

“Neurological Diseases”

 “Orthopaedic Diseases”

 “PAD” “Parkinson’s”


  “Psoriatic Arthritis”

 “Rheumatoid Arthritis”


 “Sjogren’s Syndrome”


 “Temporal Arteritis”

“Ulcerative Colitis”


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